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Fic: She's Not Here
SV: Chlark Pillow Talk
grlmonday wrote in chlark_crazed
Title: She's Not Here
Ship: Chlark (there's none other that matters for Smallville :), right?)
Rating: MA
Warnings: Explicit sex
Tags: Dry humping, Woman on Top, Wilderness survival.
Chapters: 5/5
Words: 10,584
Status: Complete
Summary: Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan find themselves on a journey of self discovery when Jor-El transports them, alone into the elements, with no way to survive but their wits and Clark's limited powers. As they struggle to survive they struggle to overcome any lingering fears and doubts about what they mean to each other, and what they want for their future.
Tagline: She's not here. You are.


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