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Fic: She's Not Here

Title: She's Not Here
Ship: Chlark (there's none other that matters for Smallville :), right?)
Rating: MA
Warnings: Explicit sex
Tags: Dry humping, Woman on Top, Wilderness survival.
Chapters: 5/5
Words: 10,584
Status: Complete
Summary: Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan find themselves on a journey of self discovery when Jor-El transports them, alone into the elements, with no way to survive but their wits and Clark's limited powers. As they struggle to survive they struggle to overcome any lingering fears and doubts about what they mean to each other, and what they want for their future.
Tagline: She's not here. You are.

Smallville Sunken Ships Prompt Exchange 2!! Starts Feb 1, 2016!

Hi All!!

We are back with Smallville Sunken Ships 2 - Winter Edition!!  The rules will work mostly the same as the last event and will run from Feb 1- March 6.  When we are closer to the date I'll put up full event rules.

So publicize the heck out of this and start thinking up some sweet prompts!

If you want a reminder of the rules from the last event see this post.

Feel free to share this post and the poster below!!


Smallville Week

KissAndTellConfess is having a week of confessions dedicated to Smallville from the 19th - 23rd. I'm hoping you'll download the banner on the post I just made and use it to advertise Smallville week. A Tumblr account isn't necessary to participate. There are no limits on the number of confessions anyone can make, though Tumblr will make you take a 30 minute break after you submit 4 or more asks in a row, I think. Don't let that hold you back. Submissions are open from now until the 23rd and only Smallville confessions will be posted during that time.

You can post about literally anything you want. Things you loved about Smallville, hated about it, your favorite characters and ships. Some shipping restrictions apply so please see Rules before submitting. So I'm hoping you'll spread the word by posting this on your journal, your FB page, your Twitter, etc, to help spread word.
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Fic: The Hitchhiker (Chlark)

Summary: Chloe Sullivan is on the road, looking for a new life, freedom from her Guardian and his son. When she meets and befriends a friendly hitchhiker she has no idea just how much her life will change for the better.

Tagline: This is what running had led her to: a pristine lake under the moonlight and a hitchhiker's hand down her panties.

Ship: Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan (Chlark)

Characters: Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan, Martha Kent

Chapters: One

Word count: 14,271

Read here at FF.Net or here at AO3
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Almost Lovers (R-NC-17, COMPLETE)

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Title Almost Lovers
Series: The Almost Series  (the final book!!!)

Author: TheAmazingApe, aka apeygirl, aka April
Pairing: Clois (or Chlark with a twist)
Rating: R- NC-17
Warnings: smut, angst, twisty revelation
Spoilers: None for Smallville post Season 6
Thanks to: silversnikle for the beta services and to summerstar882 for all the lovely banners for this series.
Short summary: Lois and Clark struggle to carve out their future while dealing with the consequences of their past. Intrigue and romance happens!
Direct Sequel to Almost Friends.
Seventh and final book in The Almost Series.

Series COMPLETE!!!!!

nc dead childhood

Chapter note:

The End! The absolute end!

I’m giving myself room to come back as I really don’t think I’ll be able to leave this universe for good. I just hope you all will be able to find me again if/when I come back!

I mean, I’m writing other fics and I know some of you read those, but I’ll just miss you! I feel like we’re graduating! I mean, I felt like this when SV first ended, but now it seems so final! My longest fic, the fic which spanned my fandom existence, is OVER! If it weren’t for getting a Chlark/Kaloe bug up my a*ss and writing Almost Clark, I’d have never done more than lurk!

I definitely hope to see some of you around on my other fics. I still have at least five I’ve committed to write before I step back and concentrate on my romance novels. I’ll probably still write fic even then. It just won’t be three-at-once.

I'll be posting a fic post mortem with final word count on the master post for this series in a few days if anyone is curious on the stats. I'm still gathering them.

For now, thanks for reading and commenting. I'd love to see some new or old faces poking their heads in now that it's the end. :)

Series Master Post