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Almost Lovers (R-NC-17, COMPLETE)
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apeygirl wrote in chlark_crazed

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Title Almost Lovers
Series: The Almost Series  (the final book!!!)

Author: TheAmazingApe, aka apeygirl, aka April
Pairing: Clois (or Chlark with a twist)
Rating: R- NC-17
Warnings: smut, angst, twisty revelation
Spoilers: None for Smallville post Season 6
Thanks to: silversnikle for the beta services and to summerstar882 for all the lovely banners for this series.
Short summary: Lois and Clark struggle to carve out their future while dealing with the consequences of their past. Intrigue and romance happens!
Direct Sequel to Almost Friends.
Seventh and final book in The Almost Series.

Series COMPLETE!!!!!

nc dead childhood

Chapter note:

The End! The absolute end!

I’m giving myself room to come back as I really don’t think I’ll be able to leave this universe for good. I just hope you all will be able to find me again if/when I come back!

I mean, I’m writing other fics and I know some of you read those, but I’ll just miss you! I feel like we’re graduating! I mean, I felt like this when SV first ended, but now it seems so final! My longest fic, the fic which spanned my fandom existence, is OVER! If it weren’t for getting a Chlark/Kaloe bug up my a*ss and writing Almost Clark, I’d have never done more than lurk!

I definitely hope to see some of you around on my other fics. I still have at least five I’ve committed to write before I step back and concentrate on my romance novels. I’ll probably still write fic even then. It just won’t be three-at-once.

I'll be posting a fic post mortem with final word count on the master post for this series in a few days if anyone is curious on the stats. I'm still gathering them.

For now, thanks for reading and commenting. I'd love to see some new or old faces poking their heads in now that it's the end. :)

Series Master Post

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You know what would be really awesome? If you offered them all in Kindle format.

I have never even looked into how to do that. But maybe I will. As of now, I still have 2 wips to finish and 2 others to start and finish to be done with my fic obligation. But when those are over with or pared down, I might think of making things available in new ways. :)

You'd have to use something like Calibre e-Book management. I could start work on it for you, if you're interested in offering that to your viewers. That way they can get all of your fics and put them on their kindle devices (or devices that use Kindle) and read each fic like a book.

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