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Chlark Crazed
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A Chlark Community


Welcome to chlark_crazed,
an LJ community for those fans of Smallville that ship
Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan!

Please read all rules listed below before posting or commenting.

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General Rules

1. Keep all posts/discussions centered on Chloe, Clark, and/or Chlark (Kaloe is acceptable as well).
2. No Clana and no Clois. None. ZERO. No exceptions.
3. Put all spoiler talk behind an LJ cut, with a warning before the cut.
4. Advertising other communities in a post is okay, as long as the community is Chloe/Clark/Chlark related in some way.
5. No harassing other fans. Being a troll will get you banned post haste.

Image, Icon, and Fanfic Posting Rules

1. Put large/multiple pictures, icons, and fanfics behind an LJ cut, with a little teaser before the cut if you wish to put one.
2. If you have Chlark icons you wish to share, yet they are mixed in with other Clois/Clana shippy icons, you should either a) post just the Chlark ones here in the community or b) give fair warning before the cut/link and use Chlark/Chloe/Clark teasers.
3. Do NOT link back to locked posts in other journals or communities. The entry has to be open and stay open for at least 24 hours. After that, lock if you want.
4. When posting fanfics, the following is required:

Chlark/Any non-Chlark pairings:

You can add onto this (summary, disclaimer, etc.) but these three things are required.

Also, fics where other couples are mentioned are acceptable, as long as:
1) The pairing is listed upfront.
2) Chlark is the main focus (an *insert ship* story with minimal mention of Chlark is not acceptable).


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